What type of rugs will my KickBlock work on?

KickBlock requires a Velcro-compatible drum rug or carpet to properly adhere. If you aren't sure if your rug is Velcro-compatible, you can test your rug with a small piece of Velcro (hard hook side) to determine if Velcro will grip your rug. If your Velcro grips the carpet fibers even a little, KickBlock's 27 square inches of special Ultra-Grip Velcro will grip it like crazy! KickBlock won't work well with traditional oriental rugs or your parents wall-to-wall shag carpeting. See below for a list of suggested drum rugs.

I just ordered my KickBlock! When will it be here?

Congratulations! Typically you can expect your KickBlock in 3-5 days. However, during the ongoing pandemic some packages may take longer to ship.

I keep taking great photos of my KickBlock, can I show you them?

Please do! You can tag us @kickblock.drums on instagram or using the hashtags #kickblock and #pedalblock. We love to see photos of KickBlocks and PedalBlocks on stage, in a studio, your practice area, or anywhere. Take your KickBlock on your next vacation, to work, maybe to a wedding?!

I love KickBlock, can I be a KickBlock artist?

Thank you! We love you too!!

We do have an artist program, but being a smaller business we have to keep a limited roster.
If you would like to apply, contact us using the form below. Please understand that we can't have every drummer be an artist.

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Drum Rug Suggestions
  • Dw Drum Rug

  • Road Runner Drum Rugs

  • Meinl Drum Rugs

  • Protection Racket Drum Rug

  • Roland Drum Rug

  • Stagg Lite Drum Rug

  • Ludwig Drum rugs

  • Tama Drum Rugs

  • Ahead Armor Drum Rug

  • Zildjian & Vic Firth Drum Rugs

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