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For decades drummers have tried to solve this problem. Now we finally have the solution and we're on a mission to share this gig-saving red block with the world.

One evening before a U.S. tour, Philadelphia drummer Will Butera was looking for answers to the most annoying problem. No matter how many weights, cinder blocks, guitar amps or bricks he put in front of his kit, his kick drum would slide away from him. Nothing found readily available on the market seemed to do the trick. 

With help from his father Jay Butera, the two of them came up with a design that was easy to move, safe for the drum kit, and STOPS THE KICK DRUM. Will used the design for the tour, and several more to follow. 

Will and Jay realized they had an idea that would solve a huge problem for a lot of drummers. They decided to create KickBlock™. KickBlock™ aims to prevent a drummers instrument from moving away, allowing the drummer to perform their best. 

The KickBlock Team

Will Butera is a professional drummer living in Philadelphia. Will plays drums in Joy Again, as well as several other bands and projects. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Will has played drums since an early age. At Berklee, he studied Music Business and Drum Set— skills he’s blending together to form KickBlock Products. Will proudly endorses Paiste cymbals.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, Jay Butera has successfully designed, produced, and marketed products worldwide using the mantra "simple solutions for a complex world." He has built and sold multiple companies including consumer goods manufacturer Cedar Fresh Home Products which he began in a two-car garage and grew to branded international distribution. Today, Jay spends most of his time working on developing and advocating for climate change solutions policy in the U.S. Congress.



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