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KickBlog 1: Why studio engineers love KickBlock

Lately we've noticed an increasing number of studios ordering KickBlocks. This caught our attention and when we looked into it we found out why sound engineers want a KickBlock in the studio.

Microphone Placement

Studio engineers are fanatical about mic placement. So of course a sliding kick drum is an engineer's nightmare. We've all experienced our kicks slipping away, hitting the bass drum mic, and then when you pull the kick back the mic is miles away. This creates several issues for the recording, you may as well scrap the album. It'll turn that take from hit– to shit. Theres the awful clicking and scratching from your drum hitting the mic. Then the perfect mic placement the engineers spent half of your session on is completely messed up.

Silence is Golden

No clicking, clanking, or jingling. KickBlock’s solution to the sliding kick drum is silent, which means the engineers don’t have to spend time combing through takes editing out unwanted noises. This saves everyone time and you money!

Gear Safety

Studio’s are stockpiles of amazing, rare and vintage gear. Letting a Slingerland be constantly kicked into cinder block would make anyone's heart ache. Or clamping metal hardware onto the hoop of a beautiful Pearl Reference 24” bass drum? My blood curdles just thinking about it.

It’s been interesting hearing everyone’s stories for why they decided to use KickBlock. I’m sure we’ll keep finding new reasons as we continue to grow. If you have a story or anything you'd like to share, email us! Maybe you’ll inspire a future KickBlog!

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