KickBlock Drum Rug
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface
KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface

KickBlock Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drumming Surface

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**Rug orders will ship Wednesday 6/26/24**

  • Hand crafted right here in the USA
  • Velcro Compatible – Guaranteed best grip for KickBlock and PedalBlock
  • Heavy-Weight Corners – Embedded weights make the rug lay flat
  • Patent Pending Cable Organizing Bands guide your mic cables and wires neatly off the rug
  • Non-Slip Rubber Bottom grips the floor like its life depends on it and won't slide
  • Folds Into Compact Bundle and holds tight with attached cinch strap
  • Gig-Ready Travel Case with shoulder strap and easy load-in design 
  • Large Size: 78" x 66"

Ships free when you add a KickBlock to your order!

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Thunder S.
United States United States


When I received my rug I was excited that "kick creep" would finally see it's demise...but it didn't. Below is my original review. "This rug is NOT worth the almost $200 I paid for it. It does NOT stop kick drum creep, even with my spurs almost a half inch digging into the rug, but I'm guessing I need the velcro kickblock ir order to stop creep. But I reckon is what they want you to do. I'm hoping once the block arrives it stops the creep and if so, this next review will be better." I ordered the KickBlock & PedalBlock and once installed on the rug, instantly solved all the world's "kick creep" AND "pedal creep" problems FOREVER! OUTSTANDING product and a MUST HAVE for every drummer. You will NOT be disappointed with this product and it being made in AMERICA...that's a WIN WIN!

Samuel K.
United States United States

Great drum rug

I’ve been looking for a drum rug for a while and this one is great! 1. Love the bag which opens fully, don’t have to squeeze or finagle the rug into the bag 2. Love the size, it fits my kit well 3. The material is solid but not heavy 4. Easy to pack 5. I mean their kickblock is amazing so I bought the rug they just released. No regrets!

Jacob B.
United States United States

Game changer

The Kick Block Drum Rug is a must have for any drummer. I’m proud to own one myself.

Neil M.
United States United States

Best carpet money can buy

I have owned numerous drum rugs. Some rugs were specific rugs from Drum manufacturers like Ludwig and Gibraltar. Other rugs were just carpet remnants that I made into rugs. When you buy a rug for your drums you probably only have 2 concerns; 1 does the rug protect the floor from your bass drums spikes on the spurs and 2 does the rug protect the finish of your drums from the floor. But did you know that not all rugs are created equal and that there are many more features that a drum rug can have and this is where the kick block drum rug comes in handy. First yes it does protect your floors and yes it protects the finish of your drums. But it also has weighted corners that keeps the rug laying flat and in one place. Then is also has these nifty bands to keep microphone wires organized. Its large and should be able to fit a large kit. But this thing I like the best is that it works great with velcro. I use velcro for everything. I have tiny velcro strips that I use to outline where my drums and cymbal stands go so that set up at gigs is the same every time. I also have triggers in my drums and I use a special cable hiding velcro strip to keep the trigger cables hidden and secured. Plus I also use the kickblock for added stability to keep my bass drum from creeping and the kickblock work perfectly with the rug. This is an awesome rug and I have been practicing and gigging with it for 2 months and love it.

mark z.
United States United States

Great products

I recently bought the drum rug. It finally solved my sliding hat stand problem. And no more creeping base drum! Wonderful product, thanks for putting in the research and work for us!

No More Messy Wires!

We designed the Patent Pending Wire Organizing Straps so you can keep all the mic cables, and the lines to your drum pads and electronic drums nice and neat. 

Wire Strap - Above.jpg__PID:32e62c26-712d-495f-86fe-2fd0bb9dff89

The elastic straps gather your cables as you run them of your rug. Even when fully stretched, your rug will not curl together, allowing you to run A LOT of cables through each Wire Organizing Strap.

KickBlock® Drum Rug - The Ultimate Drummer's Rug 

Finally. After nearly 2 years of research, testing, and development... it's here. We set out to make the ultimate rug for drummers. One that you can take to your gigs, have at your house, and in the studio.

We went back and forth, dialing in the precise carpet material to work perfectly with KickBlock and PedalBlock. We wanted it to fold up super compactly, and be able to hold the fold tight! So that you can store it in your sedan, in the van, or give it a full bunk on the tour bus if you can!

This rug is proudly made in the USA, hand made by craftsman right here in Pennsylvania.

The best drum rug. Period.


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