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Rave Reviews for KickBlock!

World's best bass drum anchor system

The drum stops here.

"Best Bass Drum Anchor Product" –Drumming Review

 "The answer to your prayers is here with KickBlock." –Music Production Blog

"Incredible product! I'll take it to every gig.” –Dennis G., Apoka, FL

“Every drummer should have one! 5 Stars.” –Paul K., Madison, WI

 "Blown away by how well this works. KickBlock is the answer!" Drumhead Authority

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KickBlock Totally Stops Bass Drum Sliding

KickBlock is a breakthrough product for drummers. It totally stops your bass drum from sliding. So say goodbye to bass drum creep and get back to focusing on your music.

Invented by pro drummer Will Butera, KickBlock is different from anything you've tried. It grips your drum rug with 27 square inches of special military-grade Velcro and puts a tuned shock-absorbing wall in front of your kit. So your kick drum can't move– ever– no matter how hard you play. 

UltraGrip™ Hooks magnified image.

How KickBlock Works

KickBlock™ is a totally new approach to bass drum stabilization. Instead of putting hard noisy gadgets on your drums where they'll just bounce around with the drum, KickBlock plants a shock-absorbing curb firmly in front of your kit. That way KickBlock easily opposes your force and stops the forward motion of your kick.

Simple physics. Perfect Solution.


Ships Worldwide 

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