Questions and How To's for the ins and outs of all things KickBlock


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1. Fold the rug in half along the long side, so that the black strap is on top of the red strap.

2. Fold the rug in half again in the same direction.

3. Fold the rug a third time in the same direction as the previous two.

4. Now flip the rug in half, going end to end.

5. Fasten the Velcro strap so the rug is secure and stays folded.

6. Open the carry bag, and place the rug inside. 

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Rug Recommendations

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The KickBlock Drum Rug

  • Made specifically for KickBlock and PedalBlock
  • Best grip and most durable for use with KickBlock and PedalBlock
  • Folds up in to compact, tough nylon carrying case (included)
  • Largest standard size rug - 6'6" x 5'6"
  • Larger 8'x8' size available
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighted Corners
  • Cable Management Straps to keep your wires and chords organized

Meinl Drum Rug

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 6'6" x 5'3"
  • Comes in several designs
z drum rug.jpg__PID:e4fe720f-a563-415e-9168-74e9c3c5a12e

Zildjian Drum Rug

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 6'5" x 5'3"
  • Weighted Corners
vic drum rug.jpg__PID:bae4fe72-0fa5-4391-9e51-6874e9c3c5a1

Vic Firth Drum Rug

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 6'5" x 5'3"
  • Weighted Corners

Home Depot Heavy Traffic

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 8' x 6'
dw rug.jpg__PID:34bae4fe-720f-4563-915e-516874e9c3c5

DW Drum Rug

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 6'6" x 5'3"
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Tama Drum Rug

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 7'x6'9

Walmart Mainstays

  • Compatible with KickBlock
  • Size - 6''x4'6"