PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)
PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)
PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)
PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)
PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)
PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)

PedalBlock – Set of 2 (Brick Red)

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"Best Bass Drum Anchor Products 2019" –Drumming Review

"A sliding kick drum can ruin your concentration. KickBlock is a drummer’s life hack needed on every level of playing" –Bennie Rodgers II

"Every gigging drummer needs that" Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike Johnston and Mike Dawson

"KickBlock products are a real solution for a common problem" –Johnny Rabb


Set Includes 2 PedalBlocks



REQUIRES VELCRO-COMPATIBLE DRUM RUG. PedalBlock requires a Velcro-compatible drum rug or carpet to properly adhere.

If you are uncertain about whether Velcro will adhere to your rug, you can test your rug with a small piece of Velcro (hard hook side) to determine if Velcro will grip your rug. If your Velcro grips the carpet fibers even a little, PedalBlock's 13 square inches of special Ultra-Grip Velcro will grip it like crazy! 

PedalBlock™ - Stops All Your Pedals From Sliding

  • Completely stops your pedals from sliding!
  • For hi-hats, double kick, auxiliary percussion, electronic kick pedals, keyboard pedals, and more!
  • Easy to use - All you need to do is place it on the drum rug, in front of the pedal. And when you’re ready to pack up, simply lift the block up to detach it from the rug.
  • Easy to transport - PedalBlock is lightweight and compact (It only weighs 1 ounce!) Toss it in your gig back, back pack, or hardware case! It’s a necessary addition to every drummer’s tool kit.
  • The unique dual shaped design fits almost any pedal. Use the 'V' shaped side for pedals with a curved edge, and the flat side for pedals with a straight edge.


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